About Us

Eurotech Benelux, established in The Netherlands and in China, has over 30 years of experience, specialising in the design and manufacture of advanced engineered products for many industry sectors worldwide. 

Our product range includes steel castings, forgings, various steel fabrications, bollards, marine fenders and wind turbine foundations. We are a leading provider to many organisations, including port and harbours, wind turbine construction, civil engineering, heavy lifting, dredging and offshore, with extensive experience of both commercial and governmental contracts.

Our custom products and turnkey projects are installed and working at sites around the world: proof positive of commitment to the latest design methods and full quality control.

Eurotech Benelux customers enjoy strong support from our global team of engineers, production, sales and logistics staff. Our close teamwork provides the safest and most durable products, each tailored individually to the project requirements and the local environment.

From its unrivalled facilities and impressive track record to the most comprehensive product certification, Eurotech Benelux and its group companies command their place at very top of the market.

Our design creativity has proven their value with innovative of new designs and materials: by ever expanding our  range of offerings, and by keeping our customers ahead of an evolving market.

We plan for the long term, following projects from proposal to after-care, and building enduring relationships with our customers on a foundation of trust and understanding.

Sales and technical operations are headquartered in the Netherlands with offices in United Kingdom and China, plus a full network of approved agents in Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, United Kingdom, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Middle East, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand,  North America & Canada, South America (Brazil), who provide regional support.