Wide range of products for second Maasvlakte

Maasvlakte second development phase

The second Maasvlakte development is in full swing. The 2,000 hectare land reclamation will increase the Port’s size by twenty per cent, bringing the total area to 12,000 hectares. With Maasvlakte 2, the Port of Rotterdam offers a new, premier location in the heart of the European market.

As the project consists meters of new quay wall, bollards, pour-in frames and anchorages will be supplied by Eurotech Benelux. A full set of ladders is also on order. QuayTimber fender beams will also be supplied: engineered composite sections and with structural strength of tropical hardwoods but a far lower environmental impact.


Rotterdam, Netherlands


  • 260 × ETG bollards, working load 2400kN, safety weld, cast steel
  • 140 × ETG Bollards, working load 600kN, safety weld, cast steel
  • 207 × steel ladders, each 7m long
  • 414 × QuayTimber sliding fenders, 300mm square by 7m long

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