Fenders and bollards for Argos Oil

The 400m long quaywall is suitable for berthing Aframax tankers (up to 240m long × 45m beam × 15.2m draft). The complete new quay will be operational in the second half of 2013

In the early stage of this Design and Construct tender, Eurotech Benelux is contacted to design mooring bollards suitable for a safe working load of 150 tonnes. The contractor choose the ETG bollard (also known as a ‘Tricorn’), because of its unique load fuse technology: a connection between the bollard’s trunk and base that limits accidental overloads and protects the berth from structural damage.

Besides mooring bollards, Eurotech also won the order for the design and delivery of 16 QCN Cone Fender systems. Each system combines four QCN 1100 cone fenders with 2650 × 4500mm UHMW-PE faced panels. Eurotech is, to the best of its knowledge, the first and only fender manufacturer to use lip washers as the standard – something the company also includes as standard on Element, Cell and Arch fenders to prevent bolts pulling through under extreme fender loads.


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