Wilhelmina Canal Lock brought into the 21st Century

The new 4th Lock in Wilhelmina canal has been modernized with the latest technological features. The project involves the construction of a new lock (alongside the current Lock III) and the removal of Lock II.

A vital piece of equipment in a modern lock is a floating bollard which enables vessels to rise and fall together with its mooring in the lock chamber. This not only keeps the vessel stable during lockage operations, but eliminates the need for the crew to make adjustments to the mooring ropes. Or worse still, preventing craft from being accidentally suspended in the lock.

Eurotech/QuayQuip have developed their 3rd generation floating bollard, or mooring travellers, which fully comply with the latest requirements for inland navigation. The system incorporates hard wearing cast steel modular guideways and free running rollers that resist all lateral forces.

The bollard on the mooring traveller is positioned at a safe and convenient height; such the crew can easily access it from the vessel deck. For leisure boats, a special mooring ring is integrated in the floating bollard for ease of attachment.

A total of 18 units were supplied for this installation and fitted into the precast recessed concrete shafts prior to water filling. This order brings to a total of about 250 mooring travellers Eurotech/Quayquip have delivered to date in various locations over the last 10 years. We have also extended the range for 50kN up to 400kN to meet the demand for different capacity locks.


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