New quay equipment for 2nd Deepwater Container Terminal in Gdansk

In January 2015, construction of the new terminal quay began with the goal of doubling the annual throughput capacity of the DCT to 3 million TEU. The new terminal is the largest container terminal in the Baltic Sea in terms of its technical parameters.

The new 650-meter-long, 17-meter-deep quay has been built with products designed and manufactured by QuayQuip. QuayQuip supplied 55 sets of QCN1200 Cone Fender Systems, including steel fender panels measuring 3.5 x 4.4 meter in size. In cooperation with the client, QuayQuip designed an alternative fender design resulting in a smaller cone fender with the capacity to absorb the required energy, but with less heavy reactionary forces.

QuayQuip also supplied over 170 meters of QEX DD 300 fenders for ladder protection, as well as the Steel Safety Ladders needed between the D-fenders.

For this project the client also required mooring bollards with a safe working load of 300 ton. Initially T-heads were requested, but as with the fenders QuayQuip also worked out a more economic bollard design with integrated load fuse (safety weld), resulting in the supply of 27 sets of Tricorn Bollards.

QuayQuip continues to deliver cutting edge design with the highest quality of manufacturing.


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