QuayQuip to supply fender systems for E-ferry terminals, Denmark

QuayQuip was invited to bid on a very innovative project in Denmark. The E-Ferry project is supported by the European initiative H2020, which involves the design, build and demonstration of a fully electric powered ‘green’ ferry, which will sail with zero pollution and CO2 emissions. The objective of the E-Ferry is to apply an energy efficient design concept demonstrating a 100% electric, emission-free, medium sized ferry. The ferry is accessible for passengers, cars, trucks, and cargo in full-scale operation.

Also, the ferry will go for longer distances than previously seen (>5 nautical miles [Nm]) for electric driven train ferries, i.e. the medium range connections Søby-Fynshav and Søby-Faaborg in the Danish part of the Baltic Sea connecting the island of Ærø to the mainland.

For this ‘green’ project QuayQuip supplied 18 different fender systems, divided into 16 different Approach-, Pivot- and Stop Fender Systems. All fenders systems are equipped with QME 400 – 600 element fenders, as well as 2 sets of QCN600 Cone Stop Fender Systems. Several of the fender systems needed to be installed on a steel sheet pile without the use of concrete. For this, QuayQuip also designed the support structures needed for welding onto the sheet pile, so that the fenders could easily be installed without interfering with the required fender line.

QuayQuip is proud to contribute to the innovative E-Ferry project!


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