Oil Terminal upgrade for Gore Bay, Australia




Gore Bay, Australia


QuayQuip was recently awarded the contract by Shell to supply QCL2000 cell fender systems to its terminal upgrade of the facility at Gore Bay in Sydney.

The terminal which has been in continuous use since opening in 1901 had become less economically viable as a refining site, and Shell took the decision to cease refining and upgrade and convert it to an import only facility, before then transferring the operation over to Viva Energy Australia.

The facility has replaced all existing dolphin fenders with QuayQuip cell fenders, and is further augmented by the inclusion of intermediate QCL2000 cell fenders which are installed on fabricated steel truss beams which span between the existing dolphins. These have the advantage of saving the cost of constructing new dolphins, whilst minimising the disruption to the existing platform and topside assets.

Cell fenders are often favoured by oil terminals as their size range is up to 3000H, which is the largest of all fenders available. Plus their large circular flanges help to evenly distribute the reaction force into the frontal panel, providing a more constant