Bollard Technology

Load Fuses

A load fuse helps protect marine structures by preventing overload. Traditionally marine bollards – also referred to as mooring bollards – have been installed using break-off bolts, which will fail above a certain load. Because it is difficult to predict exactly how groups of fuse bolts will fail, we offer new designs of bollard with single, integral load fuses.

The two bollard’s base plate and upper section are joined by a weld carefully calibrated to fail above a certain load. Two-part bollards with integrated load fuses also protect people, strucures and vessels from the explosive overload failure of ductile and cast iron bollards.

High Strenghts Anchors

We ensure that every bollard anchor is right for the job. Undersized anchor plates, or simple welded-on nuts, concentrate loads and can cause compressive failure in the surrounding concrete – potentially leading to structural damage and the bollard being pulled free.

Our wide, thick anchor plates safely distribute tensile loads into the surrounding concrete structure.

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