ETG Bollards

The unique three-lobed ETG bollards (also known as a ‘Crown’, ‘Tricorn’ or ‘Elephant Head’ bollard) have better holding power than any comparable mooring bollard, even at the highest line angles. Its broad trunk lowers mooring line stresses.

ETG bollards are rated up to 3000kN (300 tonnes). Material choices include cast steel and cast iron, plus special low-weather options.

Cast steel Tricorn bollards can be fitted with an integrated safety weld for predictable, controlled failure under line overloads. Other safety choices include central break-bolts or break-bolt anchors. For all other marine applications, Tricorn bollards can be cast as complete items in steel or iron, or poured-in.

Please download the bollard dimensions and materials datasheet for more information, or contact your local office.