Floating Bollards

Floating Bollards rise and fall with the water level in high tidal ranges and deep locks. Because they always stay alongside the vessel, no adjustment is needed even to tensioned mooring lines.

Our cast-in guiding rails and other system parts are built for the long haul – service lives typically exceed 50 years. A buoyant, wheeled bogie holds the mooring bollard at a safe and convenient level for the vessel’s crew. Less time spent adjusting mooring lines means a faster transit: saving time and money for lock and barge operators alike.

Popular marine applications include locks, waterways, berths with a high tidal range, and fast ferry berths.

The modular guide rails can be made to any height. The berth or waterway will determine the bollard’s capacity and its height above water level.

Please contact us to discuss your project in detail, or download our bollard catalogue.