Pivot Fenders

Our Pivot Fenders are an alternative to Parallel Motion Fenders. The panel remains almost vertical no matter where the impact occurs on its face. Pivot Fenders protect their supporting marine structures by reducing horizontal forces into the structure. They can also receive vessels with pronounced beltings or head- and stern-on impacts. Pivot Fenders work well in high tidal ranges or where vessels may impact above the deck level of the structure.

The panel, connected to QCN Cones or QME Elements, pivots around a durable, precision-made joint at the bottom. Panels may rotate about their vertical axes, and tilt in the direction of fender compression.

Pivot Fenders can cope with large horizontal and vertical working loads, and offer very high energy absorption and low reaction. Systems are often interlinked to form flexible barriers along quay faces or around curved marine structures.

Options include inbuilt cathodic protection to extend working life and self-locking fixings for lower maintenance.

Please download our fender catalogue for more details, or contact us with your requirements.