Rubber Fenders

Our fixed range of Rubber Fenders offer high energy absorption, low reaction forces and a long service life. 

Bureau Veritas has Type Approved all our Fixed Rubber Fenders to the stringent PIANC 2002 and ASTM F-2192-05 guidelines, giving our company the largest Type Approved range of any manufacturer.

QCN Cone, QCL Cell and QME Element Fenders combine with load distributing steel panels and UHMW-PE low friction face pads to form complete systems.

QME Elements are modular and can be combined horizontally or vertically as V-fenders, or simply mounted with steel panels.

Our Rubber Fenders are compression moulded from the highest quality natural and SBR compounds. Additives protect fender units from UV light, ozone and other environmental effects to extend operating life and reduce the need for maintenance.

Contact our office for more information, or download our fender catalogue.

Arch Fenders

QuayQuip’s Arch Fenders come in two types. The QSA is a single-piece rubber unit, and the QPA is protected by durable, bolt-on UHMW-PE pads.

Cell Fenders

QuayQuip’s QCL Cell Fender is simple and highly efficient. Proven across a wide range of applications, it is ideal for multi-purpose berths including exposed sites.

Cone Fenders

QuayQuip’s QCN Cone Fender combines high efficiency with superb angular performance.

Cylindrical Fenders

Popular for over 50 years, cylindrical fenders are simple and effective for a range of ships and applications.

Element Fenders

QuayQuip’s QME Element Fender is a modular unit with a highly efficient and versatile geometry.

Extruded Fenders

QuayQuip has a full range of extruded fenders: QEX Extruded Profiles, QBB Bumber Bars, PFS and PFP Profiles.