Donut Fenders

Donut Fenders are ideal for protecting locks, corners and berth entrances, and anywhere that ships warp along a berth.

Donut Fenders (also known as a ‘pile fenders’ or ‘monopile fenders’) rotate and float around a steel monopile. Its closed-cell, PE foam body absorbs energy and provides buoyancy. UHMW-PE stave bearings within the steel core allow the fender to move freely with changes in water level and keep rolling resistance to a minimum.

Built with the same Flosys technology as the rest of our company’s foam range, Donut Fenders are quick to install, and last for years with little or no maintenance. A full range of standard sizes, foam compounds and colours are available. We can also design custom Donut Fenders for specialis marine applications, such as submarine berths.

Please download our fender catalogue for more details, or contact us with your requirements.