UHMW-PE Facings

Our company’s  ‘virgin’ grade UHMW-PE is the best material for consistent low-friction, and hard wearing facings on high performance marine fenders. ‘Fender Quality’ (FQ) grades are available on request.

Virgin UHMW-PE low friction facings last longer, and reduce shear forces more than any alternative material or grade. Black, yellow and blue are the most popular colours. Other choices include green, white, orange, grey and red.


Our pioneering sealed, watertight boss fixing method secures facings to the underlying structure more reliably than troublesome, old-fashioned stud fixings. Boss fixings greatly increase wear allowance and prolong the service life of UHMW-PE facings. Panel protection moves to another level with new, low profile fixings. The broader fixing creates much larger compressive, tensile and bearing areas and has a smooth upper surface to protect vessels and panels. The central socket makes installation fast and simple.

Curved facings

Our curved UHMW-PE facings are the first of their kind. The unique profile smooths vessel transitions across the face of the panel and around corners, and offers greater side impact protection than traditional sharp corners. A 300mm outside radius is standard, but curved facings can be designed to match any project specification, and made in any of our regular colours.

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