Our ability to cast and forge pieces is second to none, whether one-off or mass produced small or weighing hundreds of tonnes and many meters in size. 

The factory is one of the largest forging plants of its kind, specialising in high-end annular forgings and heteromorphic sectional forgings. Its output encompasses over a hundred grades of carbon, alloy and stainless steels and high temperature alloys of annular forgings. A dedicated centre conducts research and development into new methods and materials. When production lines were doubled in 2010, the factory’s annual production of rolled rings (500mm to 10,000mm diameter) reached 200,000 tonnes.

Other equipment include:

– 12 regenerative computer-controlled forging heating furnaces
– CNC rolling machines for 3500mm, 5000mm and 9000mm diameter rings.
– Oil presses rated to 6000, 4000 and 1600 tonnes
– 1600 tonne water press
– 40 tonne forges
– various heat treatment furnaces; 9m bogie-hearth type, two 5m room type and several well- and split-type

Rings can be produced in any size up to 10,000mm diameter, 800mm thickness and 1500mm depth, weighing up to 35 tonnes. The factory scruitinises its products with the latest tools: direct-reading spectrometers, carbon sulphur analysers, high-resolution optical microscopes, sistained high-temperature creep testing equipment, impact testing machines, and sophisticated electronic test apparatus.

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CNC ring splicing equipment

Computer controlled forge

CNC planer drilling machine

Heat treatment line