QuayPile & QuayTimber

QuayPile and QuayTimber are as strong as tropical hardwoods, last longer, and reduce the need for logging in endangered tropical forests.

The material is co-extruded from polyethylene and does not crack or split, rot or decay. It is impervious to both marine borers and corrosion. The only thing QuayPile and QuayTimber do is the job they were designed for – creating attractive, strong and long lasting structures.

When the rest of the structure reaches the end of its useful life, QuayPile and QuayTimber can be reused or recycled into new products. The ultimate in environmentally friendly materials saves money and threatened habitats.


A continuous, coaxial extrusion process begins with an inner core. Rebars are fed into the outer matrix as it is extruded around the core. The outer skin is coextruded last to provide a tough, smooth finish.

The Eurotech Benelux factory uses a latest generation, purpose built production unit to consistently produce the highest quality materials.

Low maintenance

Marine borers cause expensive damage in today’s cleaner harbours. Unless treated with toxic chemicals or expensive retrofit jackets, the typical timber pile can be devoured within in a few years. QuayPile and QuayTimber consign this type of maintenance to history.

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