Wind Turbine Foundations

We design and produce both standard and custom wind turbine foundation systems. Because no two projects are the same, our custom-built foundations offer you the full choice of materials, tolerances and performance.

Anchor cages

Our engineers can tailor every parameter of a turbine foundation to your exact requirements, so our anchor cages offer the ideal combination of quality and price performance.

Every system is optimised for the fullest interaction between steel and concrete. We will support each step in the design and construction process, right up to delivering assembled cages to the site.

Forged ring flanges

As wind turbine towers reach ever higher, it is vital to choose the strongest possible connection between sections. Our company annular forged ring flanges are manufactured at one of the world’s most advanced facilities. Material strength and durability are designed in at every stage of the production process. Our forged ring flanges can be created to match the largest wind turbine tower designs on the drawing board today.

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